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19 January 2009 @ 07:40 pm
I really do hate school.
It is such a drag and makes me all shitty and stuff.
I have religion & history exams tomorrow, oh well.
I basically know them, so I did little studying.
Maybe cause I rebel aganist school.
I need a job cause i need $$$$$$$$$$$$.
So, I'm going to be Josh Efron.
No doubt about it.
Don't ask questions, just stick back and enjoy the show. ;-)

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I snagged this meme from Stina. [stinabug87] who snagged it from [underlights]
What spice girl were you when you were young?
I really dont remember their names, hahaa.

+ Backstreet Boys or NSync?

+ Did you watch S Club 7?
Yes I did. Haha, I knew every song/

+ What was your favorite, Sandlot or Little Rascals?
Little Rascals! When that movie was on, you better not bother me.

+ Did you ever have light up sneakers?
Of course, what kid didnt have them.

+ Cinderella or Snow White?
Snow White. I loved the dwarfs.

+ Did you wake up really early just to watch cartoons on Saturday morning?
Hahah, That Was What I looked forward too everyweek. Fox Kids and Kids WB.

+ What was your favorite holiday?

+ Did you ever try to stay up on Christmas just so you could see Santa?
Nope, cause Id be afraid he wouldnt come if i did.

+ Did you ever watch Bill Nye the Science Guy?
Not really, I wasnt really into that show.

+ What grade did you like the best?
Probably 3rd Grade.

+ Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers?
Power Rangers.

+ What Power Ranger were you?
Blue Ranger.

+ Did you ever own a Chinese jump rope?

+ What was your favorite thing to eat?
Mac & Cheese. Still addicted to it.

+ What was your favorite color(s)?
Orange, Red, or Green.

+ Barney or sesame street?
Barney. Defiently.

+ Did you prefer, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego or Where's Waldo?
I didnt really watch either. But I'd say Where in the world is Carmen San Diego.

+ What was your first pets name?
Pixie, and she is a frnech toy black poodle and she is still with my today. :D

+ Who were your best friends in kindergarten?
These twins named Josh and Jeremy.

+ Are you still friends with the person you were best friends with in the 3rd grade?
Sadly No, I never see them anymore.

+ Where did you live when you were 9?
At my grandmas. :DD

+ What did you want to be when you grew up?
An archeologist. Dont ask me why. haha.

+ Do you know all of the words to the Fresh Prince theme song?
I know most of them.

+ What was your all time favorite movie?
Winnie the Pooh and the Great Adventure. Haha.

+ Which did you like 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' or 'AHH! Real Monsters?
Ahh Real Monsters I didn't watch the other show.

+ Did you watch Rocko’s Modern Life?
Kinda. If nothing else was on.

+ Who was your favorite character in Doug?
The Dog.

+ Did you like War heads?

+ Did you ever want to watch slime time live?

+ Have you ever wondered what the "slime" was actually made of?
Not really. I always thought it was "slime".
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21 August 2007 @ 08:25 am
I add everyone.
So Don't Be Shy.
Comment to be added.
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11 January 2007 @ 09:23 pm
Hey guys its Josh @ LiveJournal.
Its my first time here so you gotta give me a break.
Phish got me into this, so thanks to her Ill have plenty of HighSchoolMusical Stuff up here.
Last night, was the concert and it was Amazing.
I have no voice now, but thats alright.
Things happen, right?
Anyway, i hope i can get in touch with you all soon.
Thanks Phish for setting me up.

- Josh.
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